Autumn in Japan: the most beautiful places of the country

Japan is known worldwide in the spring cherry blossoms. Autumn time in Japan no less fascinating – red and yellow maples avalanche covered the Japanese gardens. The season of autumn trees and bright leaf fall begins in September in Hokkaido and gradually moving to the south throughout the country. The greater the temperature difference in summer and autumn, the leaves are beautiful. Japan traditionally gives lovers of nature autumn leaf fall bright and beautiful. Tells about the best places for admiring the Japanese autumn colors.

Kyoto: autumn leaves in the ancient capital

Best time to visit: the beginning of November – beginning of December.

Kyoto (Kyoto) – the ancient capital of Japan, located in the homonymous prefecture. Between Tokyo and Kyoto ply high-speed train “Shinkansen”; travel time – about 2 hours.

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It has long been known that the Kyoto types are especially memorable in this season: colorful leaves frame the ancient temples and fascinate all visitors. Many Japanese go to Kyoto in search of the best impressions of autumn nature, knowing where you can enjoy the beauty of the reddening of leaves in the entourage of traditional architecture and ancient traditions.

Red maples on Lake Kawaguchi

At the foot of the famous Mount Fuji (Fuji) in a mountainous region of the prefecture of Yamanashi (Yamanashi) stretches five area lakes. Lake Kawaguchi (Lake Kawaguchi) – the largest of them. It has a beautiful view of the sacred mountain. The road from Tokyo to Mount Fuji takes about an hour by train or by bus 2-3 hours.

Best time to visit: the beginning – mid-November.

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Among the five lakes at the foot of Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchi is best for admiring the red autumn leaves. On the northern shore of the lake is a corridor of maples, which at this time of year, pleases the eye with bright colors and bizarre combinations of colors on the leaves. Moreover, the weather in autumn can often admire Mount Fuji in all its glory.

gorge Koranko

Gorge Koranko (The Korankei Gorge in Asuke) disposed in Aichi Prefecture (Aichi) . This site is growing by about 4,000 maple trees, which shimmer in the autumn the most bizarre colors. The road from Tokyo to Koranko Valley train takes about 3 hours.

Best time to visit: the middle – the second half of November.

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Koranko Valley – is the most famous area for fans of multi-colored maple leaves in the prefecture of Aichi. Especially impressive landscape can be seen as red and yellow leaves of all hues are reflected in the water surface of the river.

Alpine route Tateyama-Kurobe

Route Tateyama-Kurobe (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route) – one of Japan’s most beautiful mountain routes connecting the two cities: Omaha and Toyama. 

Best time to visit: the second half of September – the beginning of November.

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Travel Alpine route Tateyama-Kurobe will look at the leaves of a variety of colors, from the traditional red and yellow to extraordinary pale green shades. Cable car ride provides visitors the opportunity to cast a glance wonderful panorama of mountains and autumn leaves.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go

In the prefecture of Gifu (Gifu) is a traditional village Shirakawa-go (of Shirakawa-! Go) , which contains unique houses with steep thatched roofs. The road from Tokyo Takes: about 4 hours by train + 50 minutes by bus. But such a long journey is worth it, because this place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best time to visit: the beginning of October – the second half of November.

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Shirakawa-go is also changing colors in the fall, and travelers can take a look at this interesting traditional village in a new way. This village is located in a mountainous area, which has long been separated from the outside world. This is the only place in Japan where built large houses with steep thatched roofs. There such houses 27 were also completed temple, coal storage, and stable to create historically accurate scenery. Japan Guests will be able to see the same unique houses with steep thatched roofs, but on the background of red and yellow leaves. You can not only enjoy the scenery fascinated and walk around the neighborhood, but also to immerse your head in the traditional culture, mastered the ancient technique of spinning and dyeing
fabrics. And, you can attend a master class in cooking “soba” Japanese noodles.

Valley Kamikoti

Valley Kamikoti (Kamikōchi) is located in the prefecture of Nagano (Nagano) and extends from Tokyo in about four hours. Of course, for a day trip from Tokyo is a bit much, but the region is rich in tourist attractions and deserves a longer stay.

Best time to visit: the beginning of October – early November.

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In early autumn, the mountains Hotaka near Kamikoti valley already covered with snow and against a background of colorful autumn foliage views of the valley Kamikoti with whitened mountain tops is particularly memorable. It is a meeting place for two seasons.

Note: Visit the parks, gardens and churches in every corner of Japan in the autumn necessarily need to be combined with a tasting of seasonal delicacies and visit the hot springs. Since the autumn will be not only beautiful, but also delicious and healthful warm.

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