9 places on the planet to enjoy incredible nature without getting out of the bath

Sometimes it happens that after a long and cold working winter, I really want to go on an unforgettable trip to some unknown country, hide from the city bustle and make long walks, enjoying silence and nature. But you understand that the strength is enough only to lie and not move. And now this is not a problem! After all, we found how to combine absolutely motionless, relaxed rest with admiring the stunning scenery and communication with the surrounding world. In this case, you need to choose places with the most original and amazing baths on the planet, like these nine, for example.

In the hotel Rangá (Iceland) thermal baths are installed outdoors. A view of the volcanoes, and sometimes the northern lights, is attached.


incredible nature (1)

What could be better than a frothy fragrant bath right in the Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)?

incredible nature (2)

In Song Saa Private Island, a luxury hotel in Cambodia, everything is made from natural materials.

incredible nature (3)

While bathing in the bath of the Sanctuary Baines’ tourist camp (Botswana), you can watch elephants.

incredible nature (4)

And guests of the Ayada Hotel in the Maldives dive into the ocean without leaving the room.

incredible nature (5)

At the Indian resort of Taj Lake Palace, you will be offered a ride on a SPA boat or on a large yacht in the same style.

incredible nature (6)

Inhabitants of Namib-Rand reserve in Namibia are not afraid of tourists at all. Even naked.

incredible nature (7)

And again in the Maldives. Bath for harmony with the world.

incredible nature (8)

It is said that one of the guests of the Molori Safari Lodge in South Africa once nearly drowned with pleasure.

incredible nature (9)

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